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The Importance of English Nowadays 

English has become the global language and is present in our everyday life (music, ads, internet, etc.). It is also an academic and professional must. College students have to read many publications in English and are often exposed to situations which require the use of English, such as attending a lecture in English or having to communicate with a native or non-native speaker. And it is not different concerning the job market. We all know that any kind of job nowadays requires English at a basic level and that higher positions demand fluency in both speaking and writing.

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Why take private classes? 

First of all, you don't have to share your teacher’s attention with other students. The course goes at your own pace and any questions are answered right away. Also, if you happen to miss a class, you will resume the lesson at the very point where you left off. This way, you will never feel lost or left behind as it happens with regular courses. In addition, the course length is reduced considerably. As a result, you pay less and get a lot more. It is very important, however, that you take classes with a qualified and experienced teacher.   

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